The Pawpaw Tree part 3


The second stage of the race was a dash for the exit gate as they heard the harsh threatening voice of the unknown man behind them. Godwin who was in the front by some distance saw his advantage wiped off within seconds as Nojeem, Yusuf and Chris literarily flew past him and left him wondering if he was not actually running in the reverse direction.

As they exited through the gate and stopped to catch their breath, they saw Saka in the distance as though he was being chased by a wild animal. It was a hilarious sight and ordinarily, they would have made a joke of it and laughed but since the news broke some weeks back that someone broke into the principal’s office and stole the new pairs of boots the school football team won as runners-up in the principals cup competition, guilty or not, it would be very unwise to turn oneself into a prime suspect due to an unrelated event.

Right up to that point, it had been the students’ words against that of the gateman who was busy snoring under the shades of a nearby mango tree in oblivion to the commotion going on around him. The thought of food was forgotten in the confusion of the drama, but as they made their way back into the school premises about thirty minutes later, the rumblings in Chris’ stomach served as a reminder